Best Fixture For 3D Scanning

I've tried a lot of fixtures and they are all a PITA. This thing works great. The brass jaws help with finished pieces.

I'd like to add a knurled texture to the base. It's a little slippy when you try to loosen the brass collar.


  • thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the info Eric.

    What 3d scanner are you running? I cant say I am impressed with the b9 scan 350s promotional video, but maybe I am expecting too much? Are they worth it?


  • I was not impressed with the B9 scanner either. I stopped looking at jewelry scanners when I realized they were all rebranded dental scanners with a 75-150% markup. That meant I didn't get any jewelry fixtures or pre-made scan paths, but I paid $15k instead of over $30k.

    It's kind of a mess on the dental side, too. I visited a local dental lab and trolled the dental forums for about a year before I bought one. The dental lab had 3 scanners, because brand X cad software only worked with brand X scanner. I ended up going with DOF because they didn't have annual licensing and worked with open standards.

    This is mine:

    Are they worth it? I love having it. It helps with matching bands or making seats for odd shaped stones. Still, I'd consider it more of a luxury. I would have saved a lot of money if I'd of used a trade shop like Joe JAB. It takes a lot of $75 scans to recoup $15k.

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