New Ender 5 and a little time

Made the graver handles in Carveco , pretty quick and fun, and surprisingly comfortable.


  • Live and learn

  • thats cool !

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • I would like to see how you made that skull in Carveco.

  • I didn't make the skull relief. It is an old relief that I have had for years I am not sure where it came from . I manipulate it for different things from time to time. There are lots of really good skull models available for free and to purchase from Turbosquid and other sites . The round medallion one is from the Carveco relief files. If your question is how did I make the skull graver handle, I started a flat project and from the assembly, sent the skull relief to it, I then made a boundary vector of the skull and used it to make a 3d blend of the tapered handle which matched the skull vector and put the 2 together in the assembly.

    I don't do much straight up sculpting with my jewelry , I use mostly vectors but I am very interested and I have been trying to learn Z Brush which is very powerful but not very intuitive (for me anyway). But, I gave it a try and in about 40 minutes with the help of a few vectors I came up with this which still needs lots of work, but is an ok start. It takes practice and patience and lots of saving reliefs as you go along in case you need to go back, and is a lot like like regular wax carving.

  • Thanks!

    Zbrush has gotten much better over the last few years but it has so much functionality it can be daunting.

  • If I was to do some engraving with a black death's head I would assume the project wouldn't end well. EX: Arrgh! Graver slipped, stabbed myself in the neck!! The pain!!! Can't stop the bledding!!!! Passing... out... now...

    But maybe not.

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