Spray painted printed models!

When I print with b9 yellow customers cannot see the detail so I have resorted to spray painting them๐Ÿ˜Ž It has helped tremendously!


  • Photos look great! Have you ever tried putting some undercuts in the settings and popping stones in there? Looks just about good enough for promotional product photos LOL

  • Thanks man, I have had to "set" a few stones into the printed models for customers before just so they can "see" what its going to look like...everything has gotten way out of hand...our customers are 10 times more "picky" than they used to be...always pulling up stuff cheap from etsy saying can you make this...? I am like yes, but you can buy it cheaper than I can re-create it...smh

  • Hi Danny,

    So it that rustoleum on b9 yellow?

  • No, it is Valspar brilliant metal premium enamel...that what it says on the can. We have had it for years just sitting in the cabinet here in our studio...lol! I have a can of rustoleum in the gold color but it sucks!

  • I do the same.. It work well with the customers ๐Ÿ‘

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