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Unfortunately I can't post much jewellery related content at the moment as my shops shut and we are on the 5th week of lock down here in the UK I think but if Im really honest I don't really even know what day it is. But I decided I want to make a machine to automate VR web picture images, So I can improve my website as this looks like the way we will be doing business for a while yet .

I came up with this rough design and I'm sure it will be improved as I go on. I cant find anywhere that will deliver the right size belts I wanted to use initially, so I figured I would just make big cogs instead !

I purchased a filament printer to have something to play with when I was on lockdown. I'm new to this type of machine but with a bit of experimenting I was impressed by what it could do. Im just using PLA at the moment which is easy to use but I suppose I will find out what is what as I go along.

The idea is to put the jewellery on the circular platform . then the machine will go about its business taking the pictures saving me having to do it from all upper angles.

First part off the printer. I cant believe how accurate it is for such a wobbly machine or maybe I just got lucky. I cad the bearing shaft at 30mm it ended up at 29.95 mm. I was well shocked !

I have set a time lapse up for the second cog build so we will see how that goes tomorrow with a bit of luck !

Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint


  • Wow, looks like a lot of fun! Can you cast the prints?

  • No,well yes but not with the setup I have .Its called lost PLA casting looks interesting Dont think the printer has enough resolution for jewellery

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Nice! looks really useful for making big parts. or even casting parts of metal molds. From experience, a salamander crucible serves for melting a few kilos of bronze in a small electric kiln, could most likely do an aluminum melt as well.

  • 😁

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Printing the main body the green bits are supports as I wasnt sure what I could get away with span wise I thought I would not risk making it without supports

    Start of a 13 hour print fingers crossed I have enough filament.

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Printed turned out ok I turned the resolution down to print in 0.3mm layers so it was a bit faster the bearing holes are 0.2mm undersize which should be spot on once everything is cleaned up. The stepper motors fit great aswell. Im waiting on the bearings to arrive and some more filament.

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • I printed the camera arm today. Though I would use white so it didn't give harsh reflections in the metal. May need to make a longer one but won't know until I try it. Bearings still not arrived

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Bearings arrived and pressed in nicely after a bit of sanding need to sort some bolts out next

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Bearings and motors fitted

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

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