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Please use this space to do a quick introduction, A few words and a Hello is fine. A few more words and maybe a couple of images are even better ! It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional or new to jewelry cad or just interested in furthering your skills, feel free to tell us about yourself and your journey with CAD Jewellery making.

I guess I should really start.

I started my CAD journey many moons ago, probily not far of a quarter of a century ago. My Grandad was a horologist when he passed I was left his tools. I went to night school to see if I could learn about watches and put his tools to use. The Tutor told me I was wasting my time mechanical watches are dead, digital was the future sometimes I do wonder lol ! So he recommended I study jewellery instead . I was fascinated by the fact you could reproduce items with a mould and started to try and learn to wax carve. I quickly discovered that I possibly wasn't designed for this been blessed with fat fingers and the grace of a buffalo. So I had an idea to build a little milling machine to do it for me . Which overtime I managed to a fashion, the parts were very expensive at that time so it took me ages to get things together. Things got better when I found Ebay. I did it though stood back to admire my handy work and thought to myself 'how the f**k an I going to program it ?'

This led me to save up for a program called Jewelcad. At the time there wasn't much choice so Jewelcad it was this was before Youtube had anything that wasn't a 10 second cat video that took 35 mins to down load on a 56K modem .The Jewelcad supplied tutorials were in Chinglish and about as much use as a fly screen on a submarine door, so it was very slow going but I kept banging on with it. As the internet gained a bit of traction I found this form in its first edition and it was great everyone bouncing off each other as CAD was a new thing. Some very clever people were and still are involved. I started with Rhino and really liked it. I then build another mill which I still have to this day somewhere. I documented the build on the forum.

By this time I had the bug but it was mainly a hobby for me . As time passed I wanted to try and get into the jewellery industry. Which traditionally has been a bit tricky to do. But finally an opportunity opened up locally. Which turned out to be perfect . I was offered the Job as the owner recognised my voice and bad spelling (well somebody has to put the sexy in dyslexic) from the forum and Youtube videos . After a few years I decided to set up a shop with my work partner and that's where I'm upto know.

I feel, I owe a lot to the forum and that's why after chatting with Ken decided to restart it again . It was tough losing all the data we really tried to sort it but could not. So here we are back for version 3.0. I will keep running it as long as it current and people get involved, I look forward to seeing your stories ,developments ,skills, work and anything jewellery related and hope I can help out a bit to inspire people like I was by the people past and present that contributed.

Cheers Joe

Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint


  • Hi, my name is Chris, I am not an alcoholic. I make jewellery and stuff.. mostly the "and stuff".

  • My name's Aviva Fort , I was trained as a jeweler and I am an ART for Rhino 6 but my skills are pretty basic. I loved this forum when it was active, and I am absolutely thrilled that it was recreated - just in time for me to ask some questions. Thank G-d this place is back up, and thank G-d there are people like Josef, Chris and Eric to learn from. Thank you!!!!!

    You all can add me on LinkedIn if you want

    and my FB page which kinda sucks right now is

  • JOe.

    Thanks so much for getting this going again!

    I t feels like home!

  • Hi, my name is Aleš, Im a jewelry designer and a goldsmith and also do 3D modeling in Rhino.

  • Hello, my name is Lyubo Penchev, from Sofia Bulgaria. I was a bench jeweler for 10 years, then started CAD CAM with Roland MDX15 😀, 8 years as a jewlery modeller for a big local company here in Bulgaria. I am very happy with the revival of the old forum. I miss all the people which I know only by niknames but feel like my friends!


    My first intention was to "IGNORE THIS THREAD"😋

  • Hi, my name is Guido. I do model making/ cnc milling / printing and casting in Miami, Florida. I'm grateful for everything I've learned from so many people on the old forum and happy to see this one starting up!

  • Hi, my name is Ken. Unlike Chris, I AM an alcoholic. I mainly just screw up stuff. Glad the forum is back up, Joe!

  • Hello. My name is andon. I am a visual artist and i teach 3d modelling in jewellry schools.

    I work with Rhino and Zbrush. I am glad that this (high educational) forum is back!

  • Hi, thanks for bringing this back! My name is Sananda. My interest in jewelry started in high school while writing a term paper about jewelry and adornment throughout history. My father was an artist, and encouraged me to go to jewelry making school. Since graduating I've worked in manufacturing and fine jewelry stores for the majority of twenty five years. I mostly use Matrix/Rhino, been learning zbrush. Have experience with Minitech, and Revo mills, solidscape and b9 printers. Lots of casting in gold and pt on a variety of machines. Hope I can be of help or at least contribute something worthwhile, and learn something new!

  • Hi, my name is Dan and I pretend to know stuff.

    Really glad the forum is back so I can be insanely jealous of what everyone else knows.

    I pretend to know Zbrush, Rhino, and Carveco. I also have a Core530 and older mill that I built from a Grizzly frame.

  • Hi gregore here glad the forum is back up and running , I kind of missed it.

    glad I checked the Facebook once in a while

  • Hi! My name is Dmitry. I'm from Ukraine.

    I have been working in the jewelry business for about 20 years.

    Of these, for about 10 years I have been involved in 3D modeling, 3D printing, milling on CNC machines and the manufacture of rubber molds.

    I am engaged in the development of 3D printing in Ukraine. I have a small studio for the manufacture of 3D models and prototypes for casting.

    You can also visit my store on Etsy:

  • Some nice things on your site

    Revo mills ,resin printer ,Rhino, Deskproto & MS Paint

  • Hi all, Pete here, Smidhja on the last forum. I'm working on becoming an alcoholic. I think I got a knack.

    Rhino 5 guy. Still a rookie after many years. Joe's my hero.

  • Hey guys Rob here. I remember the original forum back in 06. I was in a bad wreck that caused me to no longer be able to do the 9 to 5 type of work. I had a maxnc mill and decided to try the jewelry thing. I was dumb, really dumb but the members of the forum put up with my stupid ass questions. For years I was the proverbial thorn in the forums side with all my questions. I still dont know what I am doing but in the following years I ammased a knowledge of the machines, electronics and controller software to finally be able to produce usable parts. I owe so much of what I am now to the knowledge shared freely by so many people. Ken, Chris B, Jack and so many otheres literally held my hand while I messed things up. To this day I always try to pay it forward to people needing guidance. I have been contracted by Minitech for tech support for what I believe is over 10 years now. When you call tech support, you get to talk to my alcoholic foul mouth. I am still working in wax and have been working in other materials as well. I hope to see this new place grow and share.

  • Hi

    I also remember the old forum and I love it. I work in 3d since a few years now. I have three printers a old form1+ and 2 photons.. Thank for all the informations.. You help me a lot.. Now I hope I will be able to help others more by sharing... HAVE A GREAT DAY

  • Hello,

    I've been a bench jeweler for 20+ years, began working in CAD for ~8 years. Using Firestorm CAD and trying to learn Rhino 6. Printing on an AsigaMax-Mini. I hope this becomes an active place to learn and share.

  • This is kacheric ( Eric ) from the old forum. I've been a Manufacturing Engineer for over 30 years, 13 of those years in the jewelry industry at Chrome Hearts. I was laid off from Chrome Hearts and have gone back to my roots as a manufacturing engineer focused primarily on the medical industry. Starting out at Chrome Hearts the old forum was invaluable to me, helping me use my knowledge of manufacturing engineering and CNC machining and apply it to the jewelry industry. The people on the forum are so generous in sharing their knowledge with everyone that asks for help. I'm happy to see the forum back and as I'm still playing on the jewelry side of things, people still want things done, I'll continue to visit and enjoy the content on this forum.


  • Hi Folks,

    So nice to see the site back up. Shame about the past content, though. I appreciate all you've done to bring the site back.

    I'm an engineer who "failed" at retirement and decided to do CAD for jewelry. Since about 2014. It's been fun.

  • Hi everyone

    Thank you Joe for bringing the forum back to life

    my name is Laurie, I’m based in Auckland New Zealand. I like to hand make as well as use cad and print. I’m using Rhino 5 (hanging out for 7) and Zbrush but not well.

    I also enjoy a nice sunset and long walks on the beach.

  • Hi All!

    So good to see the forum back! It was such an awesome community.

    I am an I.T. guy who loves designing jewelry far more than I.T.

    I use the now extinct RhinoGold 6. I mostly print my designs...but I can Mill if provoked! I cast on the weekends if I am not Fly Fishing.

    I enjoy helping people on the forum if I can because that is exactly how I got to learn so much! 😊

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