Basel World 2011, day 2

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Independence Day. This day became all about the hall which was the whole reason I went there in the first place. the hall of the independent brands, some exhibited on their own, some in groups. 2 such groups, the Independent Watchmakers and especially the AHCI, Académie Horlorgére de Créateurs Independants, were without doubt the most spectacular pieces on display of all the watches and clocks there.

Technical marvels everywhere you turned, and housed in gold for the most part. One of the clocks, by a brilliant man named Frank Jutzi, check out, even featured a carved 2700 carat aquamarine with gold accents in the shape of Chronos, one of the Titans of Greek mythology. When clocks become more than just a tool for telling time and are indeed works of art, this is the place to find them.

A brand called Vogard also impressed in the field of innovation, creating the first ever worldtimer wristwatch where the time zones were directly linked to the bezel. Twist the bezel, the time zone changes. Add to that the option of getting to choose which 24 or 36 cities you would like featured on your watch, and it becomes all the sweeter.

To be continued...

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