Creating My Own 3DM Texture Files

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Hi Everyone,

Over a period of time, I've been trying to build myself a Library of 3DM Texture files.
Most of these have come from various images that I've collected along the way, even some from this Forum & also the old one.

Regardless of the image source, to make them usable in MoI, these first need to be converted into a NURBS surface.
For that process I've been using ZSurf4, which is FREELY available HERE.
You can also read more on how to do this here:

Images for ZSurf4 need to be BMP files, which are then converted into IGES files, which in turn will open OK in MoI.
Obviously if these surfaces will work OK in MoI then they'll also work OK in Rhino too.

Once in MoI they can be trimmed, & joined just like any other surface & can be used as a surface within part of a Solid.
That's precisely what I did with the FREE-Belt Buckle file that I made available in the MoI section.

Recently I've added ArtRage V3 to my list of programs to help with the making my own Texture images.
ArtRage is a 2D Painting program & there's a FREE version that can be downloaded from HERE

ArtRage V3 is the paid version & it has lots of extra features that are proving to be very nice & handy for me.
One of those features is the "Glitter" Brush which I'd figured could prove to be very useful in creating my own textures.

Here's some screen captures from ArtRage V3 showing how the Glitter Brush starts out & looks once I'd finished.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ArtRage-Glitter1.jpg 
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Name:	ArtRage-Glitter2.jpg 
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ID:	2199

Once I'd finished making this page of "Glitter Texture" in ArtRage, I then just saved it out as a BMP file.
Next the BMP file was run through ZSurf4 & converted into a IGES file.
Then the IGES file was simply opened with MoI & is ready to do whatever with it.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MoI-texture.jpg 
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ID:	2200

If you'd like a copy of this 3DM Texture file, you'll find it in the MoI section, under FREE-Texture File.

As I get the chance, I'll add more of my 3DM Texture files to that same Thread.

HTH, Colin

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  1. Chris Botha's Avatar
    good stuff dude, thanks for sharing :)
  2. velleca55's Avatar
    Thanks for the tricks Colin ...
  3. Mrtial_Artst's Avatar
    Good job, Colin, very nice indeed. Thank you, I think I'll try that leather looking texture for a watch strap.

  4. ken's Avatar
    Nice workflow Colin. Thanks for sharing this.
  5. Josef1's Avatar
    Thanks for that Colin ,very informative
  6. TAJS's Avatar
    Your the man Colin, thanks for sharing
  7. Colwax's Avatar
    Thanks to all of you for the kind words.

    I've just added another two Texture files to that first post...
    ...look for the ZIP file named ColTexture-Hide-Grey
    ...look for the ZIP file named ColTexture-Speckle

    regards Colin
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    Thank you very much Colin !
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    nice job very nice....

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    Thanks very much for that useful post