Question about the Blogs section

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Promote to Article?
Blog this Post?
Reply With Quote?

Guys I am a liitle lost here
Please help me out .
If I just want reply to a thread with no quotes wich one do I use.
What is a blog vs a post?
Is there a tutorial on the forum?

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  1. Chris Botha's Avatar
    I had first thought a blog was when you had eaten too much of the wrong kind of food and had a bloggage.. the unblocking of that bloggage resulting ina a pile of blogs.

    In laymans terms, you can create you blog, post about any thing you like, and other can simply reply, one of the major difference is that blogs are accessible and answerable by non members of this forum as well. So your own public shoutbox.. Mods are still able to pull it down tho if we feel it brings the forum into disrepute.

    As it is publically accessible you also have the options to promote it to other platforms like facebook etc.

    The promote stuff is still being worked on, I will let Ken fill you in on those once its all a goer :)
    Updated 05-28-2010 at 10:54 PM by Chris.Botha