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  1. Millicent gets 5 Axis Upgrade!

    I made the decision to add a 5th Axis to my Minitech Minimill 2 as a hobby project.

    I bought a second hand Minitech 5th axis trunnion table unit from fellow forum member Stewy, and assigned a little time each weekend to work on it.

    The initial arrival was a worry as it looked far to big for my table.. but it worked out ok.

    The BEFORE shot:
    [IMG] ...

    Updated 11-23-2014 at 07:57 AM by Chris Botha

  2. An old time setter from way back

    Hi I began learning the jewelery trade when I was ten years old back in 1957. My Family had been involved in the business since before the depression. It was my Uncle who asked me if I would like to work running errands for his business during the summers and at vacation times. Well as a kid I saw dollar signs in front of me knowing what ever I earned I could spend on stuff.
    The errands were all on 47th street in N Y city, the diamond district. It was easy and fun and since I knew how ...
  3. New member from Indiana

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Klose View Post
    Hi to all of you, my name is Bob Klose . I have been in the jewelry business since 1976. I founded Images Jewelers by designing a line of 14k and sterling jewelry and selling it to department stores and retail jewelers. I have been the custom jewelry biz since then. I have been involved with MATRIX since its inseption,I was one of the group of 9 that did the Beta testing of the software. We are currently on our third mill and just love it. Recently we purchased an "AUREUS" by Envisiontec,
  4. How to Create A Banner for Your Website

    Most of us are quite familiar with looking at Banners (aka Header images) on websites. In fact these days we expect it! It acts like a virtual business card for your website.

    Most banners contain stylized text, a logo, at least one image, and sometimes even contact details. If your website gives you the ability to rotate banners it's a good idea to have a business card style banner in addition to products that you're promoting and/or new services and products you offer. While a surfer ...
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